03 October 2012

Fort Lauderdale

We just returned from a week in (mostly) sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Here are some highlights from our trip:

Conan took his very first flight!


We spent a lot of time on the beach. Lincoln and Jonathan were in seventh heaven.


Conan and I spent a lot of time in our borrowed beach tent. It was perfect for small kids.


Sleeping was a challenge for Conan on this trip, but the beach did wear him out. This is his sleeping pose. If he’s sucking his thumb and rubbing the back of his head he is ready for bed.


We loved having Jonathan around all day everyday! If only he didn’t have to work when we were home either.


We ate at Sonic and Conan experimented with baby food from a pouch.


Lincoln loved to pretend he was a train chugging along a track on this wave wall that ran along the beach.


We rode the Water Taxi one day. We saw huge yachts and homes while the captain regaled us with tales of their occupants and price tags.


When we disembarked we had an amazing lunch in downtown Fort Lauderdale at a restaurant called The Cheese Culture. I’ve never written a Yelp review before, but I intend to now. I’m still dreaming about my grilled ham and brie sandwich with mango chutney.


The Water Taxi captain suggested a sweets shop called Kilwins on the main drag, which was also delightful. We had to grab our ice cream and get out of there before we bought one of everything.


Lincoln declared his scoop of chocolate ice cream “extra brown.”


Lincoln took some shots of Jonathan and I while we waited for the Water Taxi to return.


Conan napped…sometimes.


The water in the pool at our hotel was, oddly, colder than the water in the ocean. No one ever got pulled out of the pool on account of sharks, though, so you win some, you lose some.


Lincoln could not stop talking about the train tracks Jonathan built out of sand.


Golly, for a kid who supposedly had a hard time sleeping on this trip, I sure have a lot of pictures of Conan sleeping.


We attempted some family pictures with the tripod, but couldn’t get Conan to smile at the right time for the self timer. It’s funny because I’m always getting comments on how he is always smiling and what a happy baby he is. I guess he needed someone behind the camera to smile at.


Our last day was really rainy. We can’t complain too much, though, because we had beautiful weather the rest of the trip. We took the city bus to a restaurant called Grampa’s that was featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” on the Food Network. It was… dive-y, but the portions were large and the food wasn’t bad. After we had lunch we walked over to another restaurant called Jaxson’s to have some of their famous homemade ice cream, also in ridiculously large portions. Needless to say, we could not finish our one ice cream sundae between the three of us.


After our last summery hurrah, we are officially ready for fall to begin!

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Lindsey Hicks said...

What a great trip and I think that family photo is pretty great too. Who cares if Conan is smiling?! YOU look like a fox! Seriously - you look incredible.