24 May 2013

Charles’ Great Adventure

The day after we returned from our trip to Arizona, the unthinkable happened. Charles went missing. Even though I assured Lincoln that Charles must have just gone on an adventure, he was heartbroken and it was terrible. We tried to imagine what Charles might be doing on his adventure. Maybe he was riding in a semi-truck! Maybe he’d gone back to Arizona! Thankfully, after a few days, Charles started checking in.

First, we got an email with this picture:

Charles Windsurfing

Lincoln had a lot of questions like: What is Charles doing? Why is he wearing sunglasses? Who is that other guy?

After a few more days we got some postcards from that adventurous elephant. He got to ride in a hot air balloon, and on a lion!


Charles in a hot air balloonCharles riding a lion

He had a few more adventures before he made his way home. (He particularly enjoyed India).

Charles at the Taj MahalCharles Zip Lining

But in the end Charles belongs with Lincoln, so once he was rested and revitalized he showed up on our doorstep ready for all the love Lincoln can dole out. And that’s a lot.



We went to Arizona for a mini family reunion for Jonathan’s family a few weeks ago. It was only Conan’s second time on an airplane and he was so excited about it. He loved watching the planes out the window at the airport and yelling, “Airba! Airba!” every time he spotted one.


We got to spend some quality time with Jonathan’s grandparents while in Arizona. It’s wonderful to be able to see so much family on one trip.  I completely air balled getting a picture of my kids with their great-grandparents, though, so we’ll have to make up for that the next time we visit.

Here Lincoln is holding the brand his great-granddad used to use on his cows. And Conan was just running around like crazy, trying to eat lemons .




Someone noticed a bat sleeping in this tree, so we all gathered around for a look.


This is the only picture I got of one of my kids with one of their great-grandparents.


Jonathan’s parents had a little kiddie pool set up in their backyard, and most of the kids thought that was awesome.


Conan, however, preferred to hang out outside of the pool.


Lincoln has been waiting and waiting for a squirt gun. He’s even been working to earn one at home, so he was in seventh heaven when he got to play with this blue one (that’s his favorite color, and he won’t let you forget it).



Here are a few more random pictures from my camera. I kept trying to get candid cousin shots… and kept failing.





These are some pictures Kariah took on Saturday when a lot of us participated in the “Run to Death”. A 5K mud race with obstacles and zombies. I was pretty worried about the zombies going into it, but luckily there were only about five and I didn’t have any nightmares that night, although I was finding mud for days afterward.