05 January 2008


Jonathan and I took one of our little day trips into Switzerland while we were in Grenoble. It took about two and half hours by train to get to Geneva and we left really early in the morning, so we slept on the train. When we arrived in Geneva it was like 8:30 and it was freezing! Of course, nothing was open yet, so we sort of wandered around looking in windows. There are watch stores about every 10 steps there, so Jonathan spent a lot of time lusting after different watches.

We happened to stumble across a park early in the morning that had HUGE games of chess for some reason. We're not entirely sure why, but we played a game and Jonathan beat me (like I knew he would.)

We wanted to go to a clock museum, but when we found it they were closed. I'm not sure why, but a lot of things there were closed not only for the holidays, but between them as well. As a result, we ended up wandering a lot.

We did find the big Cathedral. It was pretty cool and we were able to climb to the top of it (we love climbing to the top of things.) It was a pretty view of Geneva.

Then we headed down the to lake. Lake Geneva is really beautiful. The water is so blue, but it was really cold close to the lake. There is this huge jet of water they have shooting up and we're not sure why. We asked several people about it and no one else knows why they have that either.

Jonathan got a Swiss Army Knife while we were there, which he really likes, and we also bought some chocolate, of course. Switzerland does not use the Euro, so it was the first time we had to change money, but the Swiss Franc is worth a little less then a dollar, so it was nice. It was a fun little trip.


Well, another Christmas has come and gone. We hope it was great for all of you back in the States. We had a great time here, hanging out in Grenoble with Jonathan's family. A French Christmas is definitely different from an American one (more emphasis on eating and much less on presents.) On Christmas Eve, Jonathan and I tasted our first raw oysters. It was an... interesting experience...

We were going to open our presents at midnight on Christmas Eve, but we actually started at like 11:15, so we were done before midnight.

On Christmas Day we ate more... a lot more. We had a big meal at lunch time. It started with more oysters and then 12 escargot. We could both handle the oysters better the second time and the escargot are actually pretty good. You mostly just taste butter and garlic.

We spent the afternoon visiting Jonathan's Grandma and then we ate some more that evening. All in all, it was a nice, relaxing Christmas.

We also had a nice quiet New Year's which, as we all know, is a time for introspection and change.

So, with that in mind, we leave you with just one photo of something that no one should ever have to see again...