26 March 2009

One Month Old

Today Lincoln is 4 weeks old! I can hardly believe it. It is so weird to see how much he's changed already! Here is a side-by-side shot (one day old on the left and 4 weeks old on the right) for comparison:

He just gets cuter and cuter every day! Sometimes I can't believe we've already had him for a month and other times I can't believe we've only had him for a month...

(I did start to write this post on 3/26 when he was 4 weeks old... I just didn't finish in time.)

18 March 2009

A Belly Button for St. Patrick's Day

Lincoln finally lost his umbilical cord stump on Tuesday! It is still sort of funny seeing a bare belly button instead of a stump, but it's so nice that it's gone! Here's a picture of his brand new belly button:

Because his stump is gone we can give him real baths now. He had his first one in his little bathtub yesterday and did a GREAT job. He didn't cry at all, just sat in the water and let me wash him. He's such a good baby. :)

Jonathan took this picture of him and I think it's so cute! This is not his normal sleeping pose (he usually sleeps like he's calling a touchdown,) but he sure looks cute!

Here's a better shot of his normal sleeping pose. It's how I can tell he's really out and not just dozing. He likes to take naps with Jonathan.

I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Starburst Jelly Beans. They only come out around Easter (but I think they should sell them all year... maybe I'll write a letter to Starburst...) and I always look for them. It seems like most times I go to the store I come home with a new pack and Jonathan is convinced I'm going to rot my teeth out. Oh well, it looks like Lincoln likes the way they make my milk taste. :)

Comparing the Joneses

I thought it would be fun to compare baby pictures of me (left) and Jonathan (right) with Lincoln to see who he looks more like. Here are the pictures side-by-side:

Jonathan is clearly the winner at this point! On a side note, isn't it nice that photography has advanced so much since the 80s?

Jonathan and Lincoln's NCAA 2009 Bracket

07 March 2009

Adventures with Urine, or Lincoln's First Week Home

We have been enjoying having Lincoln home this last week. Although our lives have been a little hectic, we are figuring it out and working on getting some sort order back in our lives. Here are a few pictures of the little guy over the past week: