30 July 2008

Our Big News...

So, as most of you know already, we have some very exciting news. In February our little family is going to get a little bit bigger! We are going to have a baby! He/she is due February 18th. I have been waiting to write this post until after we had our first ultrasound and we had it today! Here is a picture of our little one (don't be alarmed, Jonathan added the "The baby," not a serial killer):

Precious, huh? I'm only about 11 weeks along and it's so cool he/she looks so much like a little person already. It was so cool seeing him/her on the ultrasound because they were moving all around. He/she measures about 4 cm, which is right on track for 11 weeks. After the ultrasound we also got to hear his/her heartbeat. I had really been looking forward to this part, but I was scared at first because the lady had a really hard time finding the heartbeat. Finally, we were able to hear it. It was about 170 bpm. It was awesome. :)

For those of you who don't know, you don't find out the sex until about 20 weeks, so you'll all have to deal with the him/her business for a bit longer.

As for me, I am doing fine. I have been really tired, and despite a little nausea I haven't thrown up or anything, so that's nice. I will be out of the first trimester soon and should feel even better after that.

I'm adding a few pregnancy related things to the blog. A ticker so you will always know how far along I am and a weekly picture to see how I'm changing. We've already taken a few, but there aren't too many changes yet, at least not that you can see in the pictures, hopefully soon.