28 October 2012

Cox Farms

Last week the boys and I went with friends for some weekday fall fun at Cox Farms. They have a huge fall festival with tons of slides, a corn maze path, a hay ride, and various other attractions. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun.

I had some issues convincing Lincoln that we shouldn’t just spend all of our time on this wooden train.


He didn’t quite get that he was supposed to pick up his feet for this rope swing. The first time he just ran holding the rope, but the second time was a little better.


Me and my boys on the hayride. It would be nice if one of the boys were looking, but I’m just happy to be in the picture. Thanks Sarah!


I went down this slide with Lincoln the first time, but after that he had plenty of courage to do it and all the others on his own.


These two were not interested in entering the “vortex” along the corn path, so the three of us passed it by. I remember being scared of everything when I was much older then them, so I didn’t mind.


All of the kids seemed to like these silly mirrors, though.


We were about out of time when we got out of the corn path, and only had time for one more activity. We spent our final minutes before the farm closed relaxing in the cab of the engine again. This boy seriously loves trains.


And who doesn’t love pumpkins?


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