27 November 2011

Colonial Williamsburg by Lincoln

We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving in Southern Virginia last week with our friends, the Johnsons. After some early morning shopping on Black Friday, Jonathan, Lincoln, Christopher, and I headed to Colonial Williamsburg to have a look around. I was allowed to take a few pictures at first, but soon my camera was seized by a miniature photographer and never relinquished.

It was a beautiful day (I’m having a hard time remembering that December is fast approaching when it’s almost 70 degrees out), and we enjoyed checking out the shops and buildings the town had to offer. I kept trying to get a picture of Lincoln in a cute colonial hat, but he wasn’t cooperating.



So I decided to model the type of pose I was looking for and allow him to take my picture. But then he became much more interested in taking the pictures then posing for them.


Lincoln loves using our old point-and-shoot camera at home, but he discovered that it’s much easier for him to take pictures with my newer camera. He filled up the available space on our memory card pretty quickly.


Some artsier shots…


I think this might have been a nice picture if he would have gotten our heads.




This picture was completely intentional. He told me he was going to, “Take picture my shoes!” And he loved taking pictures of Christopher, who won his complete fidelity after making donuts for breakfast that morning.


14 November 2011

Are these cookies done yet?

How about now? Now?


06 November 2011

25 Weeks

Lincoln wanted to show off his belly too.


01 November 2011

Return of RoboLinc

I am so happy that Lincoln is finally old enough to really enjoy the holidays! He was so excited every time he got to put on his robot costume and luckily he had plenty of opportunities.

Last Friday we went to our ward’s Trunk-or-Treat. Jonathan was out of town, so my friend Nicole came with me to hand out candy at our car while I took Lincoln around. This was my first time trunk-or-treating and, I must say, it was a very nice experience. All of the candy, none of the stair climbing. Plus some people in our ward really went above and beyond to make it fun for the kids.

DSC_0961 - Copy

                                                  DSC_0962 - CopyDSC_0970 - CopyDSC_0971 - Copy

On Saturday we had big plans for more trick-or-treating in Old Town Alexandria, but the rain and snow kept us inside most of the day. We did, however, make it to “Air and Scare” at the Air and Space Museum Hangar in Virginia. It was a really cool event with a lot of people. There were several characters wandering around, including most of the cast of Star Wars, two Predators, and an adult robot (with whom Lincoln refused to have his picture taken). We tried to force Lincoln into taking a picture with Darth Vader, but, turns out, Lincoln is not a fan of Darth Vader. He was a bit upset after the photo, but a treat cheered him right up.

                                                DSC_0973 - CopyDSC_0983 - CopyDSC_0988 - Copy

Lincoln really loved a remote control helicopter someone was flying around. He abandoned his candy bag to chase after it, all the while declaring how cute it was.

DSC_0993 - Copy

DSC_0996 - Copy

Last night we went trick-or-treating with some friends around their neighborhood. Up until this point we hadn’t had any problems with Lincoln’s costume, but almost all of the houses we visited had stairs leading up to them and Lincoln was not incredibly agile while a robot. It made for some slow going, but all of the candy seemed to make up for the inconvenience.


Lincoln and Bria (a zombie), right before they dug into their spoils.


Lincoln and his totally full trick-or-treat bag after only about one hour or so.