29 June 2008

Our New Home

I am the worst blogger in the world. It's been a month. Shame on me. :) Anyway, I thought I should at least post some pictures of our new home and send a quick update, so I can stop feeling guilty.

Jonathan and I are really enjoying our new home. First of all there is the campus. When we first got it here we were both so impressed. It is so old and beautiful. There are so many cool buildings. It looks like it came right out of a movie.

Then there is the natural areas, which are breathtaking. There are several waterfalls very close to us with great hiking and swimming. We have been trying to take advantage during the summer because we've been told that won't really be much of an option during the winter.

There are also a lot of festivals, a farmer's market, and lots of other things to do outside. We're within easy driving distance to so many cool things, we've got a list of places we'd like to go this summer while we have the time.

We are both really happy with our choice to move here and I'm sure we'll really enjoy the next three years. And I will do a better job keeping the blog updated!

04 June 2008

The Exodus

After a long and arduous journey, we finally arrived in New York. There were some fun surprises...

(Blowout #1)
and some more definitely-becoming-less-fun surprises

(Blowout #2)

...But, all in all, the voyage afforded us the opportunity to visit a variety of states and view their scenic freeways. We began our journey in Washington (of course), before traveling through...

...Idaho (we may not have been in Idaho long enough to actually take a picture)



(Where we ran into some minor car trouble)

But we were able to spend some time getting to know the good people of Buffalo, Wyoming

...and we're back on the road again to South Dakota



...we did, however, stop long enough to score ourselves some good old Wisconsin cheddar

...then off to Illinois

(Please feel the pain of our Chicago traffic nightmare)

but while the traffic may have received a big thumbs down, the Chicago cuisine...

definitely got a big thumbs up


not forgetting, of course, to swing by and take a peek at the important Indiana sites


While in Ohio, we were able to visit the Kirtland Temple and other nearby Church sites

Above: Kirtland Temple and Hillary (on right)

Above: Whitney General Store with Hillary and Jonathan (centered)

...and back on the road to Pennsylvania

...before finally arriving

where we were, naturally, welcomed with open arms

and let's do that one more time

But, in the end, we arrived safely at our destination. All in all, it turned out to be, at the very least, a memorable adventure that we will not be repeating in the near future.