09 March 2014

Lincoln’s Lego Party

To celebrate Lincoln’s birthday this year we had a Lego party. Lincoln loves all things Lego so it was an obvious choice and I had a lot of fun planning it (although there are things I will do differently next time). As always at birthday time, I had a ball playing with Photoshop. Here are the invitations I made:


We constructed the number five out of Legos so our guests knew they had the right house.


This cake was one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever made for Lincoln. I wish I had made the frosting a darker blue, but other then that I have no complaints.



I saw the idea for these favors here and customized them for our purposes. The Abraham Lincoln mini-figure came out with the Lego Movie and it was too perfect not to use all over Lincoln’s party.


I had never made a piñata before, but it was a really fun project. I loved that I didn’t have to buy anything to get started. I had newspaper, flour and water just laying around at home after all. I used an empty ice cream bucket and an empty butter tub for the mold.


For games we played about 1.5 rounds of Don’t Eat Pete. The kids got tired of that fast. Then we brought out a ton of balloons Jonathan and I had blown up with mini-figures inside. Most of the kids had fun popping the balloons to get the mini-figures out, but it was a little loud for a few. Finally we got out the piñata. I was actually worried that the kids wouldn’t be able to break it because of all the layers of paper mache I had to put on it, so we weren’t really counting hits. The third kid really wacked it and that was it. We could have used a few more games, but the kids had fun just playing together too.


The birthday boy blowing out his candles.


The last things I made were the coordinating shirts Lincoln and Conan wore for the party. Lincoln kept wondering why Conan got one too, but it was just too cute an opportunity to pass up. And, of course, I had to photograph Lincoln’s hobo socks.


23 February 2014

Birthday Pictures

There are lots of convenient things about my boys having birthdays in the same month. They share a well visit, don’t feel too jealous on the other one’s birthday, and we can take their birthday pictures at the same time. We went to Oxon Hill Farm today and trespassed to get these photos because they closed at 4:30 (?!). The boys enjoyed throwing rocks into the trees and I was able to get some nice birthday pictures. It will be nice, though, when Conan is a bit more cooperative at these little photo shoots.




19 February 2014

Conan turns 2

Conan celebrated a birthday last week. It didn’t exactly turn out how I envisioned it, but I think Conan had a great time and that’s all that matters. We were planning on having a “Pancake Play Date” on the morning of his birthday because he requested a pancake party. Unfortunately he came down with a nasty cold a few days before and our play date had to be cancelled.

We did sneak in a trip to Toys R Us, which is always a big hit around here. They gave the birthday boy a crown that he wore for the sake of this picture and a balloon that his brother popped before we left the store.

photo (5)

I finished frosting his cupcakes when we got home and offered the whisk to Conan. He was unsure at first, but once he got a taste of the whipped cream he decided licking the whisk might be a good idea after all.

photo 2

I made Blueberry Pancake cupcakes (for his pancake party) instead of a regular cake. They tasted more like a muffin then a cupcake to me, but they were still pretty good. Also, I love the photoshopping opportunities that are provided by birthdays! (The cupcake topper is supposed to look like the I Hop logo).


Lincoln took some pictures while we waited for Daddy to get home with our dinner. Conan looks like he’s sick in that picture.


Conan asked me to sing “Happy Birthday To You” throughout the day on his birthday. He loves it when his name is in a song.


16 January 2014


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Here are the highlights.

Our festivities started with Lincoln’s Preschool Christmas Program. His school does a great job picking wonderful songs for the children to sing and starts working on this program in October. It was a real treat.


We wrote letters to Santa. Lincoln’s says, “Dear Santa: trains, helmet, bike, transformers. Lincoln.” Of course there are very detailed drawings, as well.




We also met the big guy at the National Christmas Tree again this year. Conan talked about Santa fondly throughout December, but when push came to shove, he just wasn’t willing to sit on Santa’s lap. Maybe next year.


We went to see the wonderful display of lights at the temple.


And had a gingerbread house decorating play date.



This one isn’t really Christmas related, but it was a big moment for us. Lincoln and I had been working on the reading lessons from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons since about May. At times it was slow going, but with a little coercing and the promise of a big prize we made it through.


Lincoln was a sheep in our Nativity at Church.


We receive two (different) return letters from Santa just before Christmas.


Christmas Eve the boys opened their Christmas jammies and looked darling in them, of course.



I always struggle taking pictures on Christmas morning, but we all had a great time. Conan hopped right on his new bike and rode it into the dining room without looking at his other presents. In fact, Conan took so many play breaks between gift that Lincoln (who definitely had more gifts under the tree) began to wonder why he was out of presents while Conan still had a pile.



It is so fun to have two wonderful little boys at Christmastime. To see their wonder and excitement is really a joy and makes me excited for next year already.