23 February 2012

Late Night with Conan Jones

Here are some pictures from Conan’s first week home. I love having a baby around again! Lincoln is a little less excited, but I think he’s getting used to the idea.

Conan’s mostly been doing a lot of resting.




Lincoln showed absolutely no interest in this bug chair until Conan came home. Now he climbs in it and tells us he’s a baby. Also we normally take the toys off, but Lincoln kept finding them and putting them back on. Jonathan finally hid them, but Lincoln somehow managed to find them again today so they went straight back on the chair.


A lot of resting.



We have felt a few pangs of jealousy since Conan’s arrival, but overall it seems like Lincoln really likes his baby brother so far.



Everyone told me Lincoln would look big after I had the baby and everyone was right. Where did this giant kid come from?


19 February 2012

A Star-Studded Tribute to the Newest of Conans

We’re not looking forward to the “turned-into-stone” part


After Conan’s hasty and somewhat unexpected arrival last Tuesday, the stars were out this weekend, offering a hearty “welcome” to the little guy.

62 emmys awards arrivals 21 290810


Arnold - Done

Lin - Done

Lincoln - Done

THE JAY LENO SHOW -- Episode 16-- Pictured: Jay Leno -- NBC Photo: Justin Lubin

17 February 2012

Not a Moment Too Soon

Little Conan Lawrence Jones made a speeding entrance into our family on Valentine’s Day evening. He was a week earlier then expected, but we are so so grateful to have him here. He was seven pounds even and 20 inches long. We’re all home now and doing great as we adjust to life as a family of four.









02 February 2012

Still an only child

Jonathan’s mom asked me for a few pictures of Lincoln so we had a mini photo shoot in the mud today. Lincoln is currently basking in his parents’ undivided attention as his days as an only child (and a 2 year old) grow fewer and fewer.


I tried editing a few, but Photoshop is not really my forte.

DSC_0316 Edited

DSC_0320 Edited