30 November 2008

O Christmas Tree!

So, we chopped down our Christmas tree this weekend. I have never gone to chop down a tree before, but it was so much fun. On Saturday we headed out, with my friend Tracie who was here visiting, to a local tree farm. When we arrived the man who owned it gave us a saw, a tarp to drag our choice back on, and showed us a map of his property before we set out. It was nice because there was no snow at our house, but out in the boonies, where the farm was, there was maybe six inches or a foot, so it felt much more Christmas-y.
It was so hard to decide on a tree. We kept finding good ones, so we kept flip flopping. Finally we found one that was a good height and shape, so we settled on that one. It's not too tall (since our ceilings aren't that tall) so it had a little trunk and Jonathan made short work of the actual sawing.

Once it was down, we tried dragging it back to the car on the tarp the man had given us, but it turns out that is not the easiest way to trasport a relatively small and light-weight tree. Jonathan and Tracie just ended up carrying it most of the way and it was much faster. The best thing about being pregnant, though, is no one expects you to help carry the tree back to the car. :)

The owner of the farm had several bailers and wrapped up our tree for us and sent us on our merry way. Now we've just got to get it decorated so I can post a picture of that....

Our belated pumpkins

We carved our pumpkins in the middle of October and I never posted a picture. So, here they are!
Jonathan carved Two-Face and I did a witch. Although it should be noted that I totally cheated and printed a template off the internet. I am not that skilled at pumpkin carving.

11 November 2008

I hope he does the string dance...

I am so excited because today I was able to book tickets for Jonathan and I to go see Late Night with Conan O'Brien in December! Ever since we arrived in New York we've been wanting to go to a taping and now the opportunity has finally arrived. Seeing NYC at Christmas was also on our to-do list, so we're killing two birds with one stone. I am so excited! Come on December!

01 November 2008

Friends don't let friends watch 'Cloverfield'

So, for Halloween we decided to watch Cloverfield because it was really the only scary movie we could get our hands on. It is awful. Really, really lame. Not scary, not funny, not entertaining, not exciting, just the longest and most painful 84 minutes of your life.