16 September 2012

Auntie Nikki Comes to Visit

My sister, Nikki, came out for a visit last week. I hadn’t seen her in more than a year, so it was extra nice to spend some time in the same room with her. The kids loved it too, of course. This was Conan’s first time getting to meet his Aunt Nikki.

Her first full day here was also Lincoln’s first day of preschool, so she took the metro into DC in the morning and we met her for lunch after school got out. After lunch we headed to Georgetown Cupcake where Lincoln really dove into his after school treat.



Me and my sister at Del Ray Pizzeria for dinner.


We spent the next day shopping and driving around, so we didn’t take any pictures. Then she spent the weekend with friends (she used to live in the area) and came back to hang out with us for one more day before she went home. Nikki had never been to the Lincoln Memorial, so we had to go there, of course.


We actually hadn’t been to visit the Lincoln Memorial since Lincoln was younger than Conan, so he needed an updated picture.



We tried and tried and tried to go to Dairy Godmother (a custard shop), but it never worked out. When we finally got there, the day before she left, they were mysteriously closed. I guess she’ll just have to come back for another visit (with Paul and the kids)!


Nikki-Momma said...

Yeah for my own post!!

Lindsey Hicks said...

What a good sister to come visit. I want you to take ME to that cupcake place someday.