15 February 2013

Conan’s 1 year Photos

Here is my attempt at Conan’s first year photos.






Conan’s 1st Birthday

We celebrated Conan’s first birthday yesterday and I’m still in shock. Wasn’t he born like a week ago?

We began our celebration in the morning with a birthday banana muffin. Conan tried to grab the flame, so had to be assisted with blowing out the candle.


Flash forward to that evening. Jonathan came home early so that Conan could have his cake before he had to go to bed. I went with a simple ombre frosting and a sparkler one.


Conan thought that the one was pretty cool and also wanted to grab it.


He actually wasn’t that impressed with his cake. He tried a few bites, but mostly wanted to throw it on the floor.


Lincoln was a big help opening Conan’s presents. Thank goodness his birthday is coming up, too!


A few fun facts about Conan at age one:

-Conan has been boycotting nursing for the last several days. He’s been happy to drink pumped milk, but is not super interested in nursing conventionally.


-He is a wonderful hugger. He will climb up in our laps and wrap his arms tightly around our necks, all of his own volition. It is so sweet.

-He’s a biter. He landed several on my shoulder today and they’re still smarting.

-He is a waving maniac. He will wave at anyone and everyone. The other day I was driving and looked over my shoulder at a stop light to find a truck driver waving back.

-He wreaks havoc on our home in ways Lincoln never did. I’m constantly putting kitchen utensils back in drawers, replacing books on shelves, returning DVDs to drawers and shooing him away from the garbage/toilet/Legos.

-He is so happy. People are always commenting on how much he smiles and laughs. He’s really a wonderful little boy and we’re so happy he’s a member of our family!