27 October 2007


So here are a few pictures of my apartment. I thought I should post them before I've been here too long to think about it anymore. It is small, but I really like it.This is my little kitchen. I have two cupboards above and one below, as well as a smallish refridgerator. The only means of cooking I have are the two hot plates in the picture, so that is a new challenge.

This is the bedroom area, I guess. What I sleep on is a called a clic-clac, it's just like a fouton. I never fold it up, though, because it's just me here for now.

Here is the last area int he apartment. The bathroom. It is just the sink, toilet, and bathtub. I like the pink toilet paper, I refuse to buy any white or green toilet paper while I'm here.... There is no shower, just the bathtub, so I'm learning to like taking baths.

There you go. That is the grand tour of my apartment.

26 October 2007

Small Victories

Well, it is already time for my first vacation. I have been in France for a little over one month now and I am now feeling much more comfortable and settled here. Here's a strange tidbit about French primary schools. There is only one bathroom. They boys and the girls use the same bathroom. It is so strange to me. There is a bank of urinals on one wall and a bunch of stalls on the other. I asked one of the teachers I work with about it and she just opened the door and said, "Yeah, the boys go over there and the girls go over there." There was, of course, several boys using the urinals while we had this conversation....

This evening I went to a small market in my neighborhood. It was so cute and I decided to buy some eggs. The vendor was very nice and he could tell that I was an Anglophone. They always assume that I am British, but I told him that I am American and that I am here because I want to learn to speak French. But he told me how good my French already was. It was so nice and made my evening. I am off to Paris on Monday and Jonathan finally arrives on Friday, so that is very exciting!
I had a video that I wanted to post, but it got accidently deleted... Sorry! I'll post some pictures of Paris when I get back!

23 October 2007


So, now, I have the internet. Sorry the video below is sort of old, but I wanted to see if it would work. I will try and post a video of my apartment really soon, but at present, it is not cooperating. I am so excited that I can finally communicate with the world!

Whose got the internet?

21 October 2007

Still No Internet


Sorry I haven't been able to post anything for such a long time. I still don't have the internet on my own computer and I might not for a little while still. Here's a brief update.

I did manage to rent an apartment. It is little, but I really do love it. I only have a bathtub, which is weird. I haven't had a shower, in fact, since I left the States! My apartment is about 16 meters squared, if that gives you an idea of the size. I made a video of it that I will post when I have the internet on my own computer.

I have started teaching. My students are really cute and seem excited to learn English. It is sort of difficult because I am not supposed to write anything or have the, write things because I am supposed to be teaching them how to speak English. I think it's a good idea they have us do this, but it ,akes it difficult for me.

I am liking France more and more everyday and I am learning how to get along. I am not sure how the language is. Sometimes I feel like I can speak and understand pretty well and other times I feel like the only person in the world who could come live in France and get worse at French. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep trying.

As soon as I can I will post some pictures and videos!

02 October 2007

The French don't believe in the internet

Well it seems that way anyway. So I probably won't have regular access to the internet for a couple of weeks, so I will post more about what's been happening then. Sorry! I miss you all and I will post a ton as soon as my internet gets set up.