16 January 2014


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Here are the highlights.

Our festivities started with Lincoln’s Preschool Christmas Program. His school does a great job picking wonderful songs for the children to sing and starts working on this program in October. It was a real treat.


We wrote letters to Santa. Lincoln’s says, “Dear Santa: trains, helmet, bike, transformers. Lincoln.” Of course there are very detailed drawings, as well.




We also met the big guy at the National Christmas Tree again this year. Conan talked about Santa fondly throughout December, but when push came to shove, he just wasn’t willing to sit on Santa’s lap. Maybe next year.


We went to see the wonderful display of lights at the temple.


And had a gingerbread house decorating play date.



This one isn’t really Christmas related, but it was a big moment for us. Lincoln and I had been working on the reading lessons from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons since about May. At times it was slow going, but with a little coercing and the promise of a big prize we made it through.


Lincoln was a sheep in our Nativity at Church.


We receive two (different) return letters from Santa just before Christmas.


Christmas Eve the boys opened their Christmas jammies and looked darling in them, of course.



I always struggle taking pictures on Christmas morning, but we all had a great time. Conan hopped right on his new bike and rode it into the dining room without looking at his other presents. In fact, Conan took so many play breaks between gift that Lincoln (who definitely had more gifts under the tree) began to wonder why he was out of presents while Conan still had a pile.



It is so fun to have two wonderful little boys at Christmastime. To see their wonder and excitement is really a joy and makes me excited for next year already.


It’s been two months since Thanksgiving, but I feel like I have to post these pictures before I post newer ones.

We had a full house for Thanksgiving! We were so excited that we finally have room for guests (and even a bed specifically for them)! Jonathan’s brother and his family drove down from Michigan and his parents flew in from Arizona.

Before the senior Joneses arrived we took a quick trip into DC to see the Natural History Museum. My kids always love the fish tank there.


Jonathan’s dad was nice enough to cut Lincoln’s hair hours after they arrived. We’re pretty classy with the Wegmans bag turned poncho.


My sister-in-law Brittney and I spent hours in the kitchen cooking our big meal. Brittney was nice enough to do whatever I asked, including building this turkey out of vegetables that I saw on Pinterest and had to replicate.




It’s always so fun to have family around and my kids loved having lots of time to play with their cousins and grandparents.






While they were here, my father-in-law worked tirelessly on a project for me. Our house doesn’t have an entry closet, so he was nice enough to build me this “drop zone”. I haven’t gotten baskets for the cubbies at the top yet, but it has been so wonderful having a place to put coats and shoes!


We were sad when everyone had to leave. It’s fun having visitors!