14 October 2012

Fall Festivities Up to this Point

It’s no secret that we are big fans of fall in our family. Here are some pictures of how we’ve been enjoying the season.

Last week we went apple picking at Stribling Orchard, and we’re still figuring out what to do with all the apples.



While we were in Florida Conan’s first tooth broke through, so for the last week or two he’s just had one tooth. It was so cute I could barely stand it. His second tooth is now out so this magical just one tooth time is over. It’s a good reminder for me of how fast babyhood goes, just a week or two and things are already different. This doesn’t really have to do with fall, but Conan is wearing his skeleton pajamas in the picture so I’m counting it.


Yesterday we went and picked our pumpkins in the most beautiful pumpkin patch. I didn’t even come close to capturing the beauty of Hollins Farm with my camera, but we’ll definitely be back in years to come. I know he doesn’t look like it in these pictures, but Lincoln was crazy excited about getting pumpkins. We’ve been reading a lot of Halloween books and working on his costume to get ready for the big day. He is more then ready to give his pumpkin a “spooky smile” next week.



Since we’d already driven for an hour to get out to the country we hung out for a while. We got some delicious apple cider doughnuts and apple cider at a restaurant called The Apple House and enjoyed them in a park while the boys played. Conan had never been on a swing before and he loved it. We’re going to have to find some baby swings a little closer to home.


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Lindsey Hicks said...

Oh Conan is such a beautiful baby. What a great smile!