09 March 2014

Lincoln’s Lego Party

To celebrate Lincoln’s birthday this year we had a Lego party. Lincoln loves all things Lego so it was an obvious choice and I had a lot of fun planning it (although there are things I will do differently next time). As always at birthday time, I had a ball playing with Photoshop. Here are the invitations I made:


We constructed the number five out of Legos so our guests knew they had the right house.


This cake was one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever made for Lincoln. I wish I had made the frosting a darker blue, but other then that I have no complaints.



I saw the idea for these favors here and customized them for our purposes. The Abraham Lincoln mini-figure came out with the Lego Movie and it was too perfect not to use all over Lincoln’s party.


I had never made a piñata before, but it was a really fun project. I loved that I didn’t have to buy anything to get started. I had newspaper, flour and water just laying around at home after all. I used an empty ice cream bucket and an empty butter tub for the mold.


For games we played about 1.5 rounds of Don’t Eat Pete. The kids got tired of that fast. Then we brought out a ton of balloons Jonathan and I had blown up with mini-figures inside. Most of the kids had fun popping the balloons to get the mini-figures out, but it was a little loud for a few. Finally we got out the piñata. I was actually worried that the kids wouldn’t be able to break it because of all the layers of paper mache I had to put on it, so we weren’t really counting hits. The third kid really wacked it and that was it. We could have used a few more games, but the kids had fun just playing together too.


The birthday boy blowing out his candles.


The last things I made were the coordinating shirts Lincoln and Conan wore for the party. Lincoln kept wondering why Conan got one too, but it was just too cute an opportunity to pass up. And, of course, I had to photograph Lincoln’s hobo socks.