29 August 2011

One Fun Day

For some reason we decided to jam our weekly allotment of fun last week into one day. It was a fun day, but we were all very tired by the end of it. We started off our day at the zoo. It was pretty hot, so a lot of the animals weren’t out in the open, but we got to see our fair share at some of the inside exhibits.


My personal favorite was the large ape house. The gorillas were very playful and entertaining to watch (Lincoln was still talking about them the next day) and the orangutan was very interesting.


The zoo is (sort of) near the Shake Shack, so of course we had to stop there for lunch before heading home for naps!

That evening we decided to attend a Washington Nationals game. Tickets are dirt cheap on StubHub, so we thought we should take advantage before the season’s over. Lincoln was in complete awe from the moment we walked into the stadium.


Look at this look on his face!


Lincoln kept insisting that he and Jonathan trade hats. This worked out well for Lincoln, but Jonathan looked a little silly…



When we asked Lincoln if he was ready to go home (it was getting pretty late) he kept saying, “No! (While gesturing to the field) Watch!” This boy sure loves sports!

23 August 2011

More Ithaca Visitors

We were lucky enough to have even more visitors from Ithaca! Lindsey, Bryan, and Norah stopped by for a quick tour of our new apartment and a delicious lunch at our favorite quick service restaurant, Potbelly’s. It was so nice getting to visit with our friends and picking up right where we left off (well it’s only been about 3 weeks, but I have a feeling it will always be like that with the Hickeses.)

Here are Lincoln and Norah in their matching high chairs. Lincoln is normally not interested in sitting in a high chair, but since Norah was he decided he needed one too.


Most Potbelly’s restaurants employ a musician to serenade patrons as they dine. Lincoln and Norah couldn’t help but get up and dance to the nineties throw backs this fellow was playing. The dads were nice enough to dance along so that the moms could talk.

                                                                                 DSC_1836[1] DSC_1838[1]

Thanks, guys, for stopping in to see us! We’re happy Bryan’s parents live so close!

21 August 2011


We were lucky enough to have some friends come spend the night with us a few days ago. Lincoln has been having serious play-date withdrawals since we left Ithaca so he was really happy to have a friend come visit (and so were we.)

We haven’t got to see Natalia, Brandon, and Ellie since the beginning of the summer, so it was really nice getting to catch up and hang out for a little bit. Thanks for stopping by, Jacobsens!


19 August 2011

Air and Space

Since we’ve moved to the DC area and left all of his friends behind Lincoln has been a little bored. Here he is reading a book on our bed. He’s very committed to his future in the NBA.


We took a break from unpacking last week and went on an excursion to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, the companion facility to the Air and Space museum. It is a huge hanger full of all kinds of aircraft. Lincoln was in seventh heaven. When we arrived he was running around in circles and shouting, “Airplanes! Airplanes!”

We were especially excited that the first thing we saw was this Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest plane in the world. We had read about them in a few airplane books and it was really neat to see one in person. The plaque said the last time it was flown, from LA to Washington DC for display in the museum, it made the trip in just over one hour.


                                                                                         DSC_1771[1] DSC_1774[1]

We were also pretty excited when we thought there was a space shuttle in the museum. However, it was the space shuttle Enterprise, essentially a test shuttle that was used in atmospheric test flights. But it was still pretty cool. And big.

                                                                                         DSC_1779[1] DSC_1780[1]

There were so many airplanes and other aircraft (including the very Jetsons-looking helicopter below) to see that I’m sure we only walked by a fraction on them. But since we live so close now and Lincoln’s love of airplanes doesn’t seem to be diminishing, I know we’ll be back!

                                                                         DSC_1785[1] DSC_1798[1]

01 August 2011

Lincoln and Norah Say Goodbye

Lincoln, sadly, had to say goodbye to his first friend a few days ago when we moved from Ithaca. Lincoln and Norah have been together since Norah was first born, just three months after Lincoln. They’ve spent a lot of time together over the course of their two+ years and Lincoln still asks to play with her daily. It’s hard explaining to a two year old that their friend now lives more then 300 miles away.

Even though they didn’t understand that we were about to leave forever, Lincoln and Norah sure seemed like they were trying to make the most of their remaining time together. They spent about 30 minutes running toward each other with open arms (I wish it had been lighter so I could have gotten some action shots) and hugging tightly, only to release and repeat.


They would pat each others’ backs and laugh. It was incredibly cute.


There were even a few smooches exchanged. While helping me write this, Lincoln exclaimed, “Norah kiss!”


Hopefully we’ll still get to see Norah (and her parents) on a semi-regular basis because I know Lincoln misses her already.