29 October 2012

Air and Scare 2012

We went out to the Air and Space Museum near Dulles for their annual “Air and Scare” trick-or-treating extravaganza on Saturday. It was the boys’ costumes big debuts. There are a couple of kinks to work out, but they were a big hit.

You can’t really tell in this first picture, but Conan is a turtle. For Lincoln we went with our “costume from a diaper box” tradition.




We need to get some better pictures of Conan crawling with his shell on.



Long time readers of my blog (ha!) might remember that we tried to get Lincoln’s picture taken with Darth Vader at this event last year and he wasn’t really excited about that. This year we couldn’t even get Lincoln near him. Conan was more cooperative.



More Halloween festivities to come this week… that is if this dumb storm doesn’t get in our way.

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Lindsey Hicks said...

I can't believe you made that train! That is amazing.