25 May 2012

Lego Maniac

When Santa Claus first brought Lincoln Legos I was worried he was still too young for them. Some of the pieces are so small and you really have to have a lot of hand eye coordination to put them together. We have played and played and played with those Legos though. Jonathan and I (mostly Jonathan) have built thousands of vehicles out of them and Lincoln has logged countless hours playing with those vehicles before destroying them. I’ve noticed over the last couple of days, though, that Lincoln himself is getting quite good at building with the Legos.

Here is a helicopter that Lincoln built entirely on his own.


The blades even rotate. Here is he demonstrating that for me in all his bedheaded glory.


Lincoln has been really into trains lately and we have constructed and re-constructed every blasted engine on the Island of Sodor. This afternoon he built his own train, though. I think the use of spare windshields as the cow catcher on the front is quite ingenious. It was harder to get a good picture of the engine because Lincoln couldn’t be convinced to take a break from playing with it, but there was also a car attached to it at one point. I guess Santa was right about the Legos after all.


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Auntie Nikki said...

Aidan says "Cooooooool!" He was very impressed with Lincoln's Lego skills!