11 June 2012

Go Go, Daddy-o!

Jonathan ran the Lawyers Have Heart 10K this weekend, so we all got up extra early and trekked into Georgetown to cheer him on.

It was a little early for Lincoln.


But the Cone-dog didn’t seem to mind.DSC_1075

We had an excellent spot so we were able to see Jonathan when he started and finished. Here he is heading out.


Then we just had to wait for him to run 6.2 miles.


Lincoln and I made Daddy a little sign. Here Lincoln is holding it proudly before the elite runners had even finished. He could not be persuaded to hold it when Jonathan was actually running by.


I couldn’t get a good picture of Jonathan finishing because he was just going so fast, so we’ll have to settle for the Powerade shot with the Porta-Potty background from after he received his finishers medal.


Way to go, Daddy-o! We’re proud of you!

Side Note: Conan keeps getting left out of these post-race pictures. Next race, count on seeing some sweaty person holding Conan.


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