20 May 2012

Couch to 5K

I successfully completed a couch to 5K program yesterday by running in the Kelley Cares 5K. My boys came to cheer me on despite the early start and Lincoln ran up to congratulate me as soon as I finished. Although my time wasn’t as quick as I would have liked it to be, I’m still pleased to have done it and finished the program. Now I just need to figure out what 10K to sign up for.



Nat said...

holy cow. you're my hero.

Lindsey Hicks said...

And you just had a baby in February?! Amazing. Way to go Hillary!!

Amy said...

good for you...you bounced back fast.

I don't know if we ever congratulated you on your little one.

looks like having another baby hasn't slowed you guys down on enjoying everything in DC!