07 May 2012

Food Trucks and Skateboards

There was a food truck rally in DC this weekend, so we went to check it out. These trucks can be found interspersed throughout city during the week, but once in a while they get them all together in a parking lot, making it much easier to sample, taste, and compare. This was our first rally, but I’m sure it won’t be our last.


There were about 35 trucks in the RFK Stadium parking lot and they all looked so different. I loved the way they were all decorated.

We didn’t eat at either of these trucks, but I thought they looked good.




With so many trucks it was hard to decide what to get. In the end we went with the truck with the longest line. I figured it must be good if this many people are in line. I waited diligently for our Korean Tacos and they were very good. They were out of chicken when I got up to the window, so we got two steak and one tofu taco. I haven’t really eaten a lot of tofu, but if it always tastes like it did on that taco I expect to be eating a lot more. Jonathan was less impressed.



We also sampled some more traditional tacos, a samosa, and some cheesecake. Lincoln decided to stick with diaper bag fare and enjoyed some applesauce from a pouch with a side of raisins.


Conan slept the whole time. He’s a very good boy.


They were also opening a new skate park at RFK so we stopped to watch some of the skateboarders.




Lincoln was really impressed. He declared he was going to get a skateboard for his birthday. Thank goodness his birthday is still a long way off.


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Lindsey Hicks said...

Those tacos look sooo good. And so do you btw.