09 October 2011

Apple Picking

We were a little worried we’d really be missing Ithaca when this time of year rolled around. Fall is our favorite season and it is especially nice in upstate New York, but we’ve discovered there is plenty of fall fun to be had in the greater Washington area as well (and we get the added benefit of beautiful weather while partaking of the fall festivities here). This weekend we drove out to a farm in Maryland to pick apples and enjoy the sunshine. Lincoln had been looking forward to apple picking all week, so he was especially excited for this outing.



Of course we picked a ton of apples, we always do, but we’ve got big plans for them, so all is well. The farm we visited also had a large pile of hay for kids to play on. This sounds like a simple idea, but the kids (including Lincoln) love it! There were kids building forts out of hay, throwing it at each other, or just jumping off of it. It was a huge hit. Lincoln’s favorite activity was picking up hay and delivering it to the fort builders. He was upset when we got tired of watching him play in the hay and wanted to move on, but his tears dried quickly once we took him to see some baby goats and a baby cow.


The farm had a lot of other activities that we didn’t do (we think it’s a little early for pumpkins), so we look forward to a return visit before the end of the season!

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Lindsey Hicks said...

Good for you guys! We dropped off Alex the other day at your old apt and Norah cried and cried to see Lincoln. I feel so bad that she thinks I'm keeping them apart. I keep telling her we'll see him at Christmas.