26 September 2011

National Book Festival and One Pregnancy Picture

This weekend we headed down to the Mall for the National Book Festival. It was a pretty cool event, they had authors speaking and signing books, lots of children’s activities, and all sorts of booths set up giving out free stuff.


Lincoln’s favorite part of the festival, though, was… riding the carousel that’s there all the time. He hasn’t really enjoyed carousels in the past, but he made a beeline for this one and thought it was amazing.


We stopped by a Wells Fargo tent to see how it felt to ride in a horse drawn carriage. I felt bad for the guy whose job it was to simulate the motion of the horses!


We’ve been watching a little bit of PBS lately and Lincoln was pretty excited to see some characters he recognized at the PBS tent. He was particularly happy about Clifford. While we were waiting in line for the dinosaur he kept looking over at Clifford and saying, “Big red doggie!” Clifford’s line was supposed to be closed when we headed over there, but the lady closing it was nice enough to let us sneak in. I’m glad she did because Lincoln was really happy. He gave Clifford a high-5 and a hug. It was pretty cute.


On a different note, I have not been nearly as diligent about taking pictures of this pregnancy as I was with Lincoln. Even so, I thought I should have some sort of documentation of the different phases, so here I am at almost 19 weeks! I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going!



Lindsey Hicks said...

You look so pretty in that picture and I love the dress you're wearing.

Emily said...

You look beautiful! keep the pictures coming :) Clifford was one of my favorites too, way to go Lincoln!

Tahri and Kehau said...

You look GREAT! Lincoln is growing up so fast too!!!