26 October 2011

Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Our apartment complex had a little Halloween party on Saturday, so we dressed Lincoln up in his newly finished robot costume and headed over. He thought he looked pretty awesome.





They had a cupcake decorating table, pumpkin painting, and lots of snacks.


Lincoln and his friend Wesley were not too keen on getting their picture taken… they were too busy drinking cider and painting their pumpkins.


At the very end of the party they did a costume parade and contest for the kids and dogs present. We were able to get Lincoln to wear his costume for it (he actually did a pretty good job wearing it overall… he was pretty excited to be a robot) and he came in 1st place! He was the proud recipient of a $10 gift card to McDonald’s and $50 off our rent… not too shabby for a cardboard box and dryer vent!


Lindsey Hicks said...

I love it - and the sunglasses are a nice touch. He looks very cool.

Elliot said...

Cute costume, Lincoln!
Well done, Hillary.

Robot comedy for Jonathan.