20 October 2011

Funny Boy

Here are some random pictures I’ve taken of Lincoln over the past several weeks. He is changing so quickly now and it is so fun to watch.

We’ve been having some battles over nap time in the last few weeks. He doesn’t think he needs to take a nap anymore, so he just plays in his room when he’s supposed to be sleeping. One day he totally destroyed his room. There were toys everywhere and he had even gone through his closet. One of the treasures he found in his closet was his old infant bathtub. He sat in it in the living room for a while, calling it a boat. The next day he thought it would be awesome to take a bath in it. He quickly discovered, however, that I was right and he is too big for it, so it didn’t last too long.


Another way Lincoln avoids naps is to tell me he has to pee or poo, usually poo. Here he is making the most of his extra minutes in the bathroom.


I recently bought Lincoln some Do-A-Dot markers and he is in love. There are a lot of printable Do-A-Dot worksheets for pre-schoolers online and he will sit at the table for a good long time dotting away.


Lincoln loves to help. I was cleaning up some this morning and Lincoln jumped right in to help. He cleaned the mirrors in his bathroom and vacuumed the living room, all while singing, “Clean up! Clean up!” I love my little assistant!


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Paige said...

Hey cute little pregnant lady!! So fun to see an update from you guys... I used to have those Dot-A-Dot markers, they are awesome :)