29 August 2011

One Fun Day

For some reason we decided to jam our weekly allotment of fun last week into one day. It was a fun day, but we were all very tired by the end of it. We started off our day at the zoo. It was pretty hot, so a lot of the animals weren’t out in the open, but we got to see our fair share at some of the inside exhibits.


My personal favorite was the large ape house. The gorillas were very playful and entertaining to watch (Lincoln was still talking about them the next day) and the orangutan was very interesting.


The zoo is (sort of) near the Shake Shack, so of course we had to stop there for lunch before heading home for naps!

That evening we decided to attend a Washington Nationals game. Tickets are dirt cheap on StubHub, so we thought we should take advantage before the season’s over. Lincoln was in complete awe from the moment we walked into the stadium.


Look at this look on his face!


Lincoln kept insisting that he and Jonathan trade hats. This worked out well for Lincoln, but Jonathan looked a little silly…



When we asked Lincoln if he was ready to go home (it was getting pretty late) he kept saying, “No! (While gesturing to the field) Watch!” This boy sure loves sports!


Lindsey Hicks said...

The picture of him gawking is priceless!

Lindsey said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time enjoying Washington D.C. We really miss you guys in Ithaca!

bdub said...

Like the shirt, Jonathan!

Amy said...

just made me miss the DC zoo.:) enjoy all the museums...fall and winter are definitely the best times to get them because parking is easier and you have more of the museum to yourself!