19 August 2011

Air and Space

Since we’ve moved to the DC area and left all of his friends behind Lincoln has been a little bored. Here he is reading a book on our bed. He’s very committed to his future in the NBA.


We took a break from unpacking last week and went on an excursion to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, the companion facility to the Air and Space museum. It is a huge hanger full of all kinds of aircraft. Lincoln was in seventh heaven. When we arrived he was running around in circles and shouting, “Airplanes! Airplanes!”

We were especially excited that the first thing we saw was this Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest plane in the world. We had read about them in a few airplane books and it was really neat to see one in person. The plaque said the last time it was flown, from LA to Washington DC for display in the museum, it made the trip in just over one hour.


                                                                                         DSC_1771[1] DSC_1774[1]

We were also pretty excited when we thought there was a space shuttle in the museum. However, it was the space shuttle Enterprise, essentially a test shuttle that was used in atmospheric test flights. But it was still pretty cool. And big.

                                                                                         DSC_1779[1] DSC_1780[1]

There were so many airplanes and other aircraft (including the very Jetsons-looking helicopter below) to see that I’m sure we only walked by a fraction on them. But since we live so close now and Lincoln’s love of airplanes doesn’t seem to be diminishing, I know we’ll be back!

                                                                         DSC_1785[1] DSC_1798[1]

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