17 December 2012


I have started really liking Instagram. It is incredibly convenient and it is so nice being able to capture and showcase some everyday moments in our lives. If you have Instagram or decide to download the app (hint, hint…) my username is “llary523”. Here’s a sampling of some of the pictures I’ve captured in the last few months.


1. Conan swinging at Jones Point Park. 2. Lincoln showcasing his ink covered hand. 3. Conan resting. 4. Conan playing with fridge magnets.


5. Lincoln playing photographer. 6. Lincoln showing off his “I voted” sticker. 7. Playing at the National Building Museum. 8. Cupcakes!


9. We’ve been playing a lot of Connect 4. 10. I love when they play together. 11. Lincoln loves hopscotch all of a sudden. 12. The Jones Family Train.


13. A few of Lincoln’s many, many train drawings. 14. Christmas rocks! 15. Nothing on the coffee table is safe anymore. 16. Lincoln’s Lego train.


17. Lincoln rocked his dental check-up. 18. A huge chocolate bar. 19. Rudolph pancakes! 20. Blueberry yogurt on a super cute face.


21. Gingerbread ready for our gingerbread house play date. 22. Conan’s freshly finished stocking. 23. A letter from the North Pole! 24. Model train show!


Derrill Watson said...

So you aren't worried about their recent decision that they can distribute and sell your pictures without your permission?

Hillary and Jonathan said...

I wrote and scheduled this post before that new broke about Instagram. For now we're just waiting to see what happens.