17 December 2012

Christmas Program

Lincoln had his preschool Christmas Program last week and it was really fun to see him in that setting. His preschool is in a church, so the music was all Christ centered, so his program was a really nice addition to our Christmas season.

Conan got to stay up past his bed time and charmed all the other parents near us, but that’s not unusual.


It wasn’t really possible to get pictures during the program, but when it was over they called up the parents from each class individually so we could all take pictures in an orderly manner. I couldn’t pick just one of these pictures because Lincoln looked so handsome in all of them.



I know I’m his mother and incredibly biased, but Lincoln really did a wonderful job. He knew all the actions he was supposed to do and most of the words to the songs (he’s still singing them) and, most importantly, he really sold the songs he was singing. Watch the following video if you don’t believe me. Sorry for the shaky camera work, but it’s worth it.



Lindsey Hicks said...

He is so cute. He clearly took it very seriously lol.

Katie said...

Hahaha! Loved the video! He looks so intent.