16 December 2012

B&O Railroad Museum

While being praised by my mother-in-law for always diligently posting on my blog the other day, I began to feel a teensy bit guilty. These pictures are from the day after Thanksgiving. I’ll do better.

The day after Thanksgiving we trekked out to Baltimore to visit the B&O Railroad Museum and our friend, Yuri. The museum was amazing and Lincoln was in heaven.

There were extra cars lining the parking lot. Lincoln would probably have just been happy visiting them…



But we opted to also go inside where we were able to see a bunch of steam engines, tons of Lego trains, more Thomas toys then you can imagine and …


The most patriotic Santa you’ve ever seen! Lincoln wasn’t too keen on talking to Santa at first, so we just went about our business. As we were looking at a model train set, though, Santa walked right up to Jonathan and Lincoln and started a conversation. He asked Lincoln his name, how old he was, what he wanted for Christmas and just chatted with him about trains. It was truly a momtog’s dream because I was able to snap tons of pictures of Lincoln and Santa interacting, but it was also just a magical holiday moment. Thanks, Santa.


Lincoln cried when we had to leave the museum and asked to go back as soon as he got up the next day. If Baltimore were a little closer we could spend a lot of time in that place. We might end up spending a lot of time there anyway.


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Lindsey Hicks said...

The kid has a passion!