12 June 2012


Since we moved down here we have driven past Georgetown Cupcake (of TLC fame) on many occasions, always taking note of the long line stretching up the street next to the building. Every time we saw this line we thought, “Cupcakes cannot possibly be worth that wait.” Over the course of the last couple of weeks, however, my resolve has been slowly chipped away. The line goes fast, friends told me. They really are that good, others insisted. I decided we had to try them. The boys and I went into DC yesterday on our cupcake adventure. The line really does go fast and they are that good.

3 years olds are not known for their patience, but dangle the possibility of a cupcake in front of him and I think Lincoln would wait in a much longer line then this.



When we finally got in the shop we were greeted by pedestals full of cupcakes. Lincoln wasn’t shy about telling me he wanted a chocolate one.



We were also told that Georgetown Cupcake has a secret flavor everyday that they announce on Twitter. If you order that flavor by name it is free. So, we were extra pleased to receive two free German Chocolate Fudge cupcakes (I love it when Lincoln and/or Conan get free stuff too. They both also got free donuts at Krispy Kreme on National Donut Day)! We ordered a few other flavors and headed out.


Jonathan was working an exceptionally long day yesterday, so we decided to go have our cupcakes at the office with him. I thought I had scored an amazing parking spot at about 3:27 when a very nice parking garage attendant told me I’d have to vacate it by 4 to accommodate rush hour traffic. I called Jonathan and he ran around the corner to meet us at the car and have our cupcakes right there on the street. Lincoln didn’t mind as long as he was stuffing cupcakes in his mouth. Let’s be honest, Jonathan and I didn’t mind as long as we were getting cupcakes too.



Just because he’s not old enough to eat cupcakes, doesn’t mean Conan doesn’t deserve to be in photos too! (I don’t think this baby could possibly be any sweeter!)


Both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home, so one of the remaining cupcakes and I had a little photo shoot on the steering wheel while I waited for one of them to wake up (it was Conan, so I had to carry both kids up three flights of stairs. That has too burn enough calories to justify all the cupcakes I ate, right?)



Sarah said...

I'm glad you thought they were worth it. Now I'm craving some.

Emily Hales said...

I've seen that line before and didn't brave it. Glad to hear they were tasty! Your boys are getting so big!

Lindsey Hicks said...

This post was so well written I felt like I was reading a magazine. I seriously think you should give this cupcake shop a hard copy of your "review" with pictures included. I bet they would frame it.

Courtney said...

Yes! I am so glad you liked them. I can't wait to talk more in depth about the flavors you tried.