24 September 2011

Pizza Parrot

Lincoln and I had such a fun afternoon today! He just gets funnier and funnier everyday, I am really loving this stage! When he got up from his nap, he asked to go to the store and at first I agreed, but then thought we better get our pizza dough going for dinner before we took off. Lincoln has always loved helping in the kitchen, so he decided to pull a dining room chair into the kitchen and help me with the dough. Here he is “painting” the pizza pan with canola oil. He’s imitating everything that we say, but he had a hard time wrapping his little tongue around “oil” when I pulled it out of the pantry. It was pretty funny watching him try it a few times.


After he was done painting, he helped me finish the dough. When I opened up a new package of wheat flour I showed it to Lincoln and asked him what it was to which he promptly replied, “Dirt!”

Lincoln’s favorite thing in the kitchen is watching the stand mixer do its thing. I was explaining to him that we needed to wait for all the flour to get incorporated into the dough before we could take it out, but he got a little impatient after a while. Finally he exclaimed, “Come on, flour!”

Here he is kneading his portion of the dough. He liked that I was encouraging him to punch the dough. He, in turn, encouraged me to throw my portion of the dough in the air.


Once we were done with the dough we did finally head to the store. He said several other charming one liners there, but my favorite was as we were looking at toilet paper. We generally pick our toilet paper based on the animal portrayed on the packaging these days. When I suggested the bears Lincoln said, “How about doggie?” We went with the dog.


Lindsey Hicks said...

Do you really throw your dough in the air? If so that is totally awesome. I have never been brave enough to try.

Nat said...

that kid is too cute. he's getting so big!