08 February 2011

The Worth of Elephants

21 months of faithful friendship + 


  (1000 x comforted to sleep) + 

                                                                                                              P8160068 P8200131

(2.5 moves) + DSC_0800

(always [sticking by your side + holding your hand]) +

                                                                                          DSC_0368 DSC_1601

endless comfort when scared =


1 Priceless elephant



Christy said...

Worth every penny!!! What a cute post...I love this collection of pictures with Lincoln holding his stuffed animal in so many different places.

Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

I feel like this would make a good slideshow with some old school "Best Friends" type of song in the background. :)

Lindsey Hicks said...

Oh my -- you actually found a back up?! Are you going to buy it?? Charles really is worth it. He has earned his keep!