22 February 2011

Last Weekend

This weekend the three of us drove down to the DC to see our good friends, Mike and Jen, get sealed in the temple. It was such a special day and we were so happy we could be a part of it.

DSC_1940 edit                                       

                                                                                         DSC_2050 DSC_2094 

We had some free time after the temple, so we decided to take Lincoln to the Air and Space Museum. He is really in to airplanes right now, so he was especially happy to see real ones hanging from the ceiling. It was really fun to see him so excited, staring up at the ceiling and saying, “Airbane! Airbane!”

                                                                                                         DSC_2119 DSC_2132

                                                                                       DSC_2142 DSC_2152

It was a fast trip, but it did make us really excited to move to DC in a few months! Big thanks to our friends, the Quebes for letting us stay with them!


Crystal said...

Will you please please tell Mike and Jen CONGRATULATIONS from the Hunts. That's the best news ever!

Lindsey Hicks said...

I love that picture of Jen and Mike together. Well done and congrats to them both.

SMT Family said...

What exciting news! I second Crystals request, please pass on my congrats. This news has definitely made my day!

smtanners said...

P.S. I think I am behind--Will Jonathan be working in DC instead of NYC? What fun to be able to live in both places in the last year! Totally jealous!