03 October 2009

Apple Picking

The three of us went to pick some apples today at a U-Pick farm. We accidently picked 11 pounds of apples (they add up quickly...) so we're going to be having a lot of apple crisp, apple pie, apple sauce.... anyone have some good recipes?

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Bree said...

I like the new template layout! :D Also, if you wanted to send some of those NY apples out here, I wouldn't mind. ;) (I've been eating on the ones I brought back from a you-pick farm on Sauvie's Island for a week now, YUM! I LOVE fall)

Hillary and Jonathan said...

I edited html! Can you believe it?!

Thister said...

Wow! Hillary got some coding skills!

Mmm. Now I want apple pie.

Christopher said...

hey guys, how long would it take you to drive to DC? Did you know we live in Richmond now? You guys should come visit RICHMOND! we can go to the Poe museum, some battlefields, etc. anyways, original question: time it would take you guys to get to dc?