22 September 2009

Mr. Smarty Pants

We've been working on teaching Lincoln a few baby signs and today he signed back to us! We thought he might have signed a couple other times, but it was sort of questionable. There was no question today. He was signing "nurse" while he was nursing (that's why there's just a video of his hand.) I am so proud of him!

And here's a cute picture of him after he finished. You can finally see his two little teeth in a regular picture!

And he got his first toothbrush, so he "brushed" his teeth before he went to bed tonight. He likes anything he can stick in his mouth, so the toothbrush was a big hit!


Thister said...


Just promise me that you don't have a fake bust created for him to nurse on in your absence. You aren't the Byrnes (from Meet the Fockers)! ;-)

Dan Crossen said...

Good oral hygiene, that's what I like to see.

Lindsey Hicks said...

Norah's boyfriend is such a genius.