28 August 2009

Stupid Sears

Jonathan was right. It pains me to admit this. Today Lincoln and I went to Sears and I am incredibly disappointed. My baby is so smiley! He was in such a good mood and he was smiling a ton! Are there pictures of him smiling? No. Are there pictures of him on a raggedy old blanket? But of course. It wasn't worth it. I'm not going back. And I may call and complain. As my dad would say, hurumph.


Bree said...

Hillary, don't publish that he's right on the INTERNET, now he has it in WRITING! ;)

When will we get to see the "disappointing" photos? Link (yes, I'm nicknaming him after a videogame, deal with it) is so photogenic that I don't believe they're that bad! Miss you.

Thister said...

This simply made me laugh. :)