02 August 2009

Fun in Elmira

This weekend the three of us decided to make the trip to some nearby batting cages. Jonathan and I love to go to batting cages because, let's just all be honest, batting is the best part of baseball! The only problem is these cages aren't as "nearby" as we'd like them to be, but such is life in Ithaca. Here I am:

I'm much better at taking batting cage pictures than Jonathan is....

And here's Jonathan. He also tried batting left handed a few times and I was surprised by how well he did. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of that though.

The driving range was right next to the batting cages, so we decided to hit a bucket of balls too. We are both really, really bad at golf (I mean really,) but this was also a lot of fun. We sort of got the hang of it after a while and stopped having to swing 3-4 times before making any sort of contact with the ball (okay that was mostly me) which made it even more fun.

(Yes that is the golf ball still on the tee at the end of Jonathan's swing...)

And I would like to point something important out. I hit that plane. With a golf ball. I was so proud of myself!

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