27 August 2009

I'm No Jeremiah

As we know, Lincoln is now 6 months old. Reaching the 6 month mark is traditionally a milestone that deserves professional pictures, at least in my mind. Jonathan, however, has different ideas (when does Jonathan not have different ideas?) So for the last... 6 months, or so we've been debating whether or not we should get Lincoln's pictures professionally taken this month (and by professionally I mean Walmart, or Sears or something, nothing too fancy.) Jonathan thinks the pictures we take with our point and shoot camera are just as good, nay better, than the pictures taken at a store. I think there is something to be said for a white sheet background and a few little props.

We came to a compromise. I would try to take some pictures of Lincoln with our friends' fancier camera and if they didn't turn out we would go to a store. Taking these pictures was much harder than it looks. The main problem being, if I smile at Lincoln, he generally smiles back, but he can't see me if I'm behind the camera. Also, he wasn't in the best of moods during our photo shoot, so smiles were hard to come by. Here are some of my pictures.

I loved the look of him laying in the grass... I just couldn't get a smile :(. I think we're headed to Walmart tomorrow.

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Bree said...

LOVE the first one in the Cornell hat! Too bad he's not wearing some Bronco gear, though...one of your πK∆ rugbys, perhaps? ;)