05 April 2009

Pacifier? I Don't Need No Stinking Pacifier!

My baby is not big on pacifiers. We've tried a few different kinds and he does better with some than others, but they're just not his favorite things to suck on. He prefers thumbs. This would be sort of convenient if it was his own thumbs he wanted to suck on, but they're too small. He likes his Mama's and Daddy's thumbs.

If he starts to fuss one of us can just stick our thumb in his mouth and he calms right down. We can't really do anything with our hands when this happens, but I guess that is a small price to pay for a quiet baby.


Bree said...

I know two people with hickeys on their thumbs! hahaha

Thister said...

Hey yo!

Glad to see all is well in your world and that Lincoln is rocking out with his awesome parental units!

Sorry I've been under the radar. I've been venturing into thesis land, akin to heading into Mordor, and I'm simply trying to complete my task. In this case I'm not trying to destroy the ring, but rather finalize my thesis, lest I die trying. Hahaha!

Anyway, I'll be updating my blog soon! Hooray!

Tiffany said...

Taylor can now put her fist in her mouth on purpose. She loves it more than her binky. It so fun to see the changes each week...sorry we're missing Lincoln's blessing!

Chantal said...

omg, that's so adorable