19 April 2009

More Pictures of Lincoln

This is just an assortment of random pictures we've taken over the last few weeks. Lincoln is changing so much so quickly, so we're trying to capture all the different things he does!

My little boy has turned into a big wiggle worm. Jonathan got up one morning and said, "Did you put him in here like this?" I didn't, of course. Sometime during the night I guess he decided he needed to change positions.

I just think he looks cute in this picture. :)

Lincoln was pretty hungry when we took this picture. I guess he was a little confused about who his food comes from...

We have been working on putting Lincoln in his crib for naps for the last few days to help him get used to his own room before we stick him in there all night. This was the first time he successfully slept in his own bed. It only lasted about thirty minutes, but at least we beat the previous record of zero minutes...

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