24 September 2008

New Ultrasound Pictures :)

Here are some pictures of our precious little one. It was so fun getting to see him yesterday ( I can finally say HIM! ) So far, everything is on track, so that is a big relief. Without further ado, here are the pictures...

He was all curled up in a ball (his knees are above his head.) I think he must have been sleeping because the ultrasound tech kept trying to get him to move, but he just wasn't having it.

This is a good picture of his little leg and foot.

Oh man, I can't believe I'm almost halfway done with my pregnancy. I'm barely even showing! No one who doesn't already know I'm expecting has even said anything to me. It's nice knowing what kind of baby to expect, though. Even if it has made me even more impatient. Anyway, it was a good appointment and I can't wait to meet him.

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Bree said...

Query: What will you do with all that Disney Princess stuff with a little boy? lol CONGRATULATIONS!