19 September 2008

Blue or Pink?

In a few days Jonathan and I are going to find out the sex of the baby! We are (well I know I am at least) so excited. I feel like the time since my last doctor's appointment has gone pretty quickly, but now I have been thinking about this ultrasound a lot so it feels like it's taking a long time to get here. We continue to struggle with names (and by struggle I mean disagree), but I think it will be easier to make a decision once we know what sort of baby to expect. The ultrasound is Tuesday, so there will be a new post here with the results (providing the baby cooperates) Tuesday night! In the mean time, I've added a poll on the right for you to guess if the baby will be a boy or girl. I wish I had found that feature earlier... :)

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Bree said...

That's so awesome, Hillathon! :0) I can't wait to find out.

By the way, the drawing of the fetus at the top of the page is especially creepy this week. Just thought you might like to know. lol