01 September 2008

Let's Go Blue!

This weekend Jonathan and I took a little trip to Ann Arbor with some friends for the Michigan-Utah football game. It was a lot of fun because Jonathan is a huge Michigan football fan. We had some time before kickoff to wander around the campus, which is really nice. The highlight, was though, definitely the game.

The "Big House" is just that BIG. There were over 108 thousand people in the stadium during the game and it felt like it. We were really packed in there. That wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that we were sitting in the Utah section and cheering for Michigan, so we felt a little like strangers in a strange land sitting cheek to cheek with all the Utah fans.

The game was good, even though Michigan lost. We cheered our hearts out and had a blast.

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jodigrneyes said...

SO jealous!!! I really wish we had been in Michigan the day you called!! We would have loved to hang out with you guys...although, Michael says that it may be your fault that Michigan lost that day. Since then, however, I think the Wolverines have proved there may be other factors involved :(
Hope things are going well with you guys! Congrats of your pregnancy!
Hope to talk to you guys soon!