21 October 2007

Still No Internet


Sorry I haven't been able to post anything for such a long time. I still don't have the internet on my own computer and I might not for a little while still. Here's a brief update.

I did manage to rent an apartment. It is little, but I really do love it. I only have a bathtub, which is weird. I haven't had a shower, in fact, since I left the States! My apartment is about 16 meters squared, if that gives you an idea of the size. I made a video of it that I will post when I have the internet on my own computer.

I have started teaching. My students are really cute and seem excited to learn English. It is sort of difficult because I am not supposed to write anything or have the, write things because I am supposed to be teaching them how to speak English. I think it's a good idea they have us do this, but it ,akes it difficult for me.

I am liking France more and more everyday and I am learning how to get along. I am not sure how the language is. Sometimes I feel like I can speak and understand pretty well and other times I feel like the only person in the world who could come live in France and get worse at French. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep trying.

As soon as I can I will post some pictures and videos!


Bree said...

Yay for this post and yay for you! I just watched a thing on Discovery Travel channel about France and it made me want to go back so much...keep your chin up, friend! :)

Tessa said...

Interesting to know.