26 October 2007

Small Victories

Well, it is already time for my first vacation. I have been in France for a little over one month now and I am now feeling much more comfortable and settled here. Here's a strange tidbit about French primary schools. There is only one bathroom. They boys and the girls use the same bathroom. It is so strange to me. There is a bank of urinals on one wall and a bunch of stalls on the other. I asked one of the teachers I work with about it and she just opened the door and said, "Yeah, the boys go over there and the girls go over there." There was, of course, several boys using the urinals while we had this conversation....

This evening I went to a small market in my neighborhood. It was so cute and I decided to buy some eggs. The vendor was very nice and he could tell that I was an Anglophone. They always assume that I am British, but I told him that I am American and that I am here because I want to learn to speak French. But he told me how good my French already was. It was so nice and made my evening. I am off to Paris on Monday and Jonathan finally arrives on Friday, so that is very exciting!
I had a video that I wanted to post, but it got accidently deleted... Sorry! I'll post some pictures of Paris when I get back!

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Bree said...

I thought the red marks on the eggs were smiley faces until I made the photo bigger. Since they're not smiley faces, I'll give you one.