27 October 2007


So here are a few pictures of my apartment. I thought I should post them before I've been here too long to think about it anymore. It is small, but I really like it.This is my little kitchen. I have two cupboards above and one below, as well as a smallish refridgerator. The only means of cooking I have are the two hot plates in the picture, so that is a new challenge.

This is the bedroom area, I guess. What I sleep on is a called a clic-clac, it's just like a fouton. I never fold it up, though, because it's just me here for now.

Here is the last area int he apartment. The bathroom. It is just the sink, toilet, and bathtub. I like the pink toilet paper, I refuse to buy any white or green toilet paper while I'm here.... There is no shower, just the bathtub, so I'm learning to like taking baths.

There you go. That is the grand tour of my apartment.

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