05 January 2011

The Curious Case of the Dog in Our Hallway

This week we’ve been dog sitting a Wheaton named Maggie  for some friends. Lincoln has been expressing his pleasure with this new development often (from yelling, “A dog! A dog! A dog!” the moment I brought her in the house to squealing with delight every time Maggie comes out of her crate). Although Jonathan and I are generally not pet people, I’ve also enjoyed spending some time with Maggie. She is, seriously, the best dog I’ve ever met. She doesn’t bark, she comes and cuddles with me on the couch, and she is so gentle with Lincoln when a lesser dog might lose their temper.

                                                  DSC_0924   DSC_0933

We had Maggie’s crate a few days before we had her and Lincoln really liked to go sit in it, like his own little fort. When Maggie actually got here, it sometimes became difficult to keep him out of it. I don’t think she was too pleased having an intruder in her home, but Maggie took it all with good grace.

                 DSC_0945 DSC_0963 DSC_0974

It was an interesting experiment, having a returnable dog for a week. I’m a little sad to give her up, but a little relieved too. Having a dog is a lot of work!

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